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Meeting: 14/01/2019 - Community & Resources (Item 84)

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To receive the report of the Planning and Economy Manager




That a budget of up to £20,000 (to be funded from the Policy Contingency Reserve) for the preparation of a District wide play strategy be refused.




The purpose of the report, which was presented by the Planning and Economy Manager, was to request that Members authorise a budget to commission external consultants to deliver a Play Strategy for the Authority.


When debating this matter, Members put forward their reasons as to why they felt they could not support the request.   The Head of Paid Service and Planning and Economy Manager addressed the concerns raised, and explained that with a limited amount of money there is a need for a proper assessment of how to target that money, and this proposal would give an objective viewpoint designed to help Members with budget making plans and also in relation to future S106 contributions from developers.


It was proposed by Councillor Lock, seconded by Councillor S Inch and -




That a budget of up to £20,000 from the Policy Contingency Reserve for the preparation of a District wide Play Strategy for the Council be approved.


(Vote:  For 3, Against 7)


The motion was lost.