Venue: Town Hall, Bridge Street, Bideford

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Apologies For Absence

To receive apologies for absence from the meeting.


Council Minutes pdf icon PDF 83 KB

Confirmation of the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 21 January 2019 and the Budget Special meeting held on 25 February 2019.

Additional documents:


Public Contributions

15 minute period for public contributions


Declarations of interest

Members with interests to declare should refer to the Agenda item and describe the nature of their interest when the item is being discussed.


.Agreement of Agenda Items Part I and II


To consider correspondence or other business especially brought forward by the direction of the Chair


To answer questions submitted under Procedural Rule A9



To receive petitions (if any)


South West Mutual Bank

To receive a Presentation from Mr T Greenham.


Firework Displays/Starlings roosting under Bideford Bridge (Petition) pdf icon PDF 36 KB

The Petition received conveyed concerns regarding the distress and harm caused by inappropriate firework displays authorised by Torridge District Council  primarily to the starlings roosting under Bideford Bridge, but also to other wildlife to pets and domestic animals and to people.


Petitioner Requests attached, together with letter received by Bideford Town Council from Devon Wildlife Trust

Additional documents:


Transforming Torridge Programme - Progress Report pdf icon PDF 94 KB

To receive the report of the Strategic Manager (Resources)


Notices of Motion

Written Notice of Motion from Councillors C Simmons and P Christie


Save our hedgehogs

We propose that a condition is added to all planning permissions that remedial action is taken to allow hedgehogs to roam from garden to garden and to fields, through holes in fences, walls or other barriers.  Hedgehogs need a large area to find their food and this small action will make a difference.

We understand that this will be added to planning advice by central government in the future, but we think that Torridge should lead the way.  Hedgehogs are in rapid decline and this much-loved mammal should been given as much help as possible.


Written Notice of Motion from Councillor J Whittaker

The use of the Implication Report as part of the Council’s planning procedures:


“I am hoping that Cllrs will support me in my efforts to have the ‘Implications Report’  process removed from the way which the Council still deals with some of the planning applications it considers. There is no understanding from a public perception as to why this process is used or indeed why it's necessary. Many of our residents take the view that something inappropriate or even underhand is taking place. Whilst this is not at all the case, and Members of the Plans Committee do have a responsibility in making well judged decisions, the use of this process does nothing to improve the public perception of our Council, something I really care about.   


I would therefore urge my fellow Councillors to support this Notice of Motion to remove the Implications Report process when considering planning applications at our Plans Committee Meetings” .




Exclusion of Public

The Chair to move:


“That the public be excluded from the remainder of the meeting because of the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972”




Items which may be taken in the absence of the public and press on the grounds that exempt information may be disclosed.



Replacement mooring posts & additional water points at Bank End

To receive the report of the Strategic Manager Resources


Bideford Town Hall Work Hub

To receive the report of the Economic Development Officer