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Outline application for residential development of up to 110 dwellings, public open space and associated infrastructure with all matters reserved except access - Land At Wooda Road, Pitt Lane, Appledore.


Application No. 1/1343/2018/OUTM - Outline application for residential development of up to 110 dwellings, public open space and associated infrastructure with all matters reserved except access - Land At Wooda Road, Pitt Lane, Appledore.


Interests:    None


Officer recommendation:     Grant



The planning application had been called into Plans Committee by former Councillor Davis for the following reason:


‘I would like a site visit by Plans Committee to see whether such an undertaking of that on Pitt Hill Appledore, along with other developments in close proximity, as it is of my own considered opinion that the proposed development would be likely to create, as well as exacerbate, a particular traffic problem that is common to all roads that lead to and from the Heywood Roundabout, as I feel the present road system is inadequate for such an undertaking, and therefore feel the proposal is contrary to Policy DM05 of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan’.


The application had been previously considered by the Committee at the meeting 7 November 2019, when Members resolved to defer the application until January 2020 for a second Viability Appraisal for the site to be submitted.


The Committee were informed of the following updates:


·         Herridge Property Consulting Ltd. had been instructed to provide the second Viability Appraisal, and this had been received on 20 December 2019.   This report  had been attached to the Agenda as an Addendum, and is intended to be read in conjunction with the original Committee Report.  The Addendum focuses on viability and S106 matters as this was the deferral reason.    


·         The Conditions set out in the report had been updated as per the verbal update on the 7 November 2019.


·         S106 Heads of Terms to also include a clause to ensure that the remainder of the allocation can benefit from the highway and drainage infrastructure being delivered by the application proposal without any potential ransom position.


·         A further letter of representation, objecting to the application had been received, but had raised no new issues.


·         A copy of a letter sent to the Local MP by the Residents Association was received.



The Development Management Team Leader presented the application and advised Members of the main planning considerations.  


A number of concerns had been raised by the public regarding the closure/removal of Pitt Lane. The Development Management Team Leader advised there had been a misunderstanding and Pitt Lane is to be retained, with the existing arrangement from Pitt Hill closed off to vehicles between the point of connection to the northern boundary of the site and Wooda Road. This section to become a pedestrian/cycle link.


When discussing the application the points/concerns raised included:


·         The Affordable Housing provision of 5% and viability of the site.   The three Viability Appraisals submitted all agree that the scheme cannot viably support any affordable housing contribution.  The Applicant continues to offer 5% affordable across the site.


·         The biodiversity offset within the Kenwith Valley.  Ward Members reiterated their request to be made aware of the proposed location.   The reasons remained the same as explained at the previous meeting, namely, that at the landowners request and due to the sensitivity of the potential sites the information had not been made public.   The Northern Devon Biosphere to decide how the contribution from the Developer will be spent, and once the Legal Agreement had been drawn up, information to be shared with Members.


·         Infrastructure - Members requested that on all future relevant applications, consideration should be given to financial  contributions being made to the NHS secured by a S106 Agreement.


·         This is a Strategic site in the Local Plan for housing in Appledore, which had previously gone through the Consultation process and had been approved by Members (Councillor Christie had not voted in favour of the Plan).


The Development Management Team Leader addressed concerns raised by Members.  


It was proposed by Councillor Leather and seconded by Councillor Watson that the application be approved, and a recorded vote was taken.






Cllr C Leather




Cllr M Brown


Cllr R Boughton



Cllr P Christie



Cllr R Craigie




Cllr R Lock



Cllr D McGeough




Cllr P Watson




Cllr R Wiseman






(Vote: For 5, Against 4)


The motion was carried.




That the application be application be Granted subject to the conditions as set out in the report.



Sara Mendosa addressed the Committee objecting to the application

Mr J Bell addressed the Committee objecting to the application

Mr I Baker, addressed the Committee in support of the application

Councillor Hames, Ward Member, addressed the Committee

Councillor Ford, Ward Member, addressed the Committee



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