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Crematorium Manager,

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A meeting of the above Committee will be held at the Crematorium, Barnstaple on FRIDAY 4th AUGUST 2017 AT 2.30 p.m.


Members:         Representing North Devon Council


Councillors Mrs Barker, Edgell, Harrison, Jones, Lane, Moores and Yabsley (Chairman).


                        Representing Torridge District Council


Councillors Dezart, S Inch, T. Inch, Johns and Langmead (Vice Chairman)




1.         Apologies for Absence.


2.                     To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 2nd June 2017     (attached).


            (a)        Matters Arising


3.         Items brought forward which, in the opinion of the Chairman, should be considered by the meeting as a matter of urgency.


4.         Declarations of Interest.


5.         To agree the agenda between Part ‘A’ and Part ‘B’ (Confidential Restricted Information).




6.         Crematorium Matters. Report by the Crematorium Manager (attached)


7.         Performance Monitoring Report – Quarter 1 2017/18. Report by Treasurer (attached). Report by Treasurer (attached)




PART ‘B’ (Confidential/Restricted Information)





NOTE:  Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985


In addition to any document specifically mentioned, reports included in this Agenda will have been prepared with reference to any or all of the following:


1.         All relevant statutory provisions.

2.         All relevant Government circulars and ministerial advice.

3.         All relevant adopted policies of the Council.

4.         Capital Works Programme.

5.         Current Estimates.

6.         Standing Orders

7.         Consultants’ opinion and advice.

8.         Published works relevant to the subject of the report.




















Minutes of a meeting of the NORTH DEVON CREMATORIUM JOINT COMMITTEE held in the Barum Room at the Brynsworthy Centre, Barnstaple on Friday 4th August 2017 at 2.30 p.m.


Present:         Representing North Devon District Council


Councillors Jones and Yabsley (Chairman)


                        Representing Torridge District Council


Councillors Dezart, S.Inch, Johns, Langmead (Vice Chairman) and Pennington.


Also present Councillor T.Inch




Procurement and Service Delivery Manager, Secretary and Accountant


(a)       APOLOGIES


Apologies were received from Councillors Edgell, Harrison, Lane and Moores, Steve Hearse (Treasurer) and Mark Drummond (Crematorium Manager)


(b)       MINUTES




(i)         That the minutes of the meeting held on 2nd June 2017 (previously             circulated) be approved as a correct record and signed by the      Chairman.


(ii)        The following matter was raised:


            Chapel Music System.


            In answer to a question from Councillor Langmead it was stated that

            after evaluation the contract was awarded to Obitus and an installation      date of 2nd October had been provisionally agreed.


            It was hoped to arrange a demonstration for committee members and          other interested parties during September (date to be confirmed).







Councillors T.Inch and Yabsley declared interests as Devon County Councillors.



The Joint Committee considered a report by the Crematorium Manager (previously circulated).


i)          Staffing Matters


It was noted that the new technician had been commenced work.


ii)         Achievements


It was noted:


A)        That a new exit gate had been installed, replacing the rusty 1966    original gates and with the exception of the pedestrian gates all other         gates would be locked at night


B)        That a removable (to allow very large vehicle access) safety barrier had been installed at the bottom of the new pedestrian ramp.


C)        That having reached the end of the existing contract, a new phone             system had been installed with improved call-handling features (answerphone / recording / address book).


iii)        Crematorium Figures


The Cremation figures were noted.


iv)        Metals Charity Recycling Award


It was noted that the North Devon Cancer Care Centre Trust had been nominated for the next award process in line with the established rota.


v)         Legislation – Changes to Medical Referee Post: Update


It was noted that that following a visit to the Gloucester pilot site by the Crematorium Manager it was considered that the proposed implementation date of 2019/20 was not realistic.


There were 2 pilot styles being trialled, one based with District Councils and the other with the Coroners Office.


It was noted that the current Medical Referee was happy to continue with the existing arrangement until any changes were introduced.







vi)        Grounds Improvement Update


It was noted:


A)        That the outstanding 2016/2017 works had now been completed     (technicians office/washroom facilities).


B)        That some of the 2017/2018 elements had been completed, namely

            the Fencing of the woodland boundary, tree works & painters section         flood prevention. The delay in the flood prevention work had been     caused by issues with levels. Fortunately the redesign brought in works      to deal with flooding near the Aspen flower tribute area and eliminated      the problem there at no increase in costs. Significant rainfall after the   works has proved the scheme to be very effective.


c)         That attention would now turn to the summerhouse and poet’s path            works


vii)       Chapel Music System


It was noted that two tenders had been received. After evaluation the contract was awarded to Obitus and an installation date of 2nd October had been provisionally agreed.

The internet access for the system had been installed in both chapels in preparation.

It was hoped to arrange a demonstration for committee members and other interested parties during September (date to be confirmed).


viii)      Larkbear Development


It was noted that notification had been received of a change to the road layout. The Gratton Way/Old Torrington Road junction had been redesigned from a staggered crossroads (which kept the new road through the woodland well away from the crematorium boundary) to a crossroads that brings the road close to the crematorium boundary. This would limit expansion into the woodland and increase traffic noise to a sensitive area of the gardens.

The representations made by the Crematorium Manager sought to move the road away from the Crematorium at the earliest possibility and to ensure a 2-route access to the site to minimise the risk of an event blocking access.


The Procurement and Service Delivery Manager reported that communication had been received from a resident in the area raising concerns at the Crematorium Managers representations as it was considered that to move the road away from the Crematorium would be more detrimental to residents (who lived there all year around) that mourners (who only attended for a short period). The resident was also not happy with the Crematorium being located on Old Torrington Road.


It was agreed:


A)        that a letter of representation highlighting additional concerns of the         Joint Committee to those expressed by the Crematorium Manager be        sent by the Vice Chairman of the Joint Committee (as the Chairman     was a member of NDC Planning Committee) to the North Devon     Planning Officer.


B)        that the North Devon Planning Officer be invited to attend the next Joint    Committee meeting in October (or sooner if required) to outline in detail         the application.


Upper Car Park


In answer to a question regarding the upper car park the Procurement and Service Delivery Manager stated that the repairs to the damaged areas were still on going. Holes had been dug and identified the area with an insufficient sub base.


The NDC Officer dealing with the matter was currently on sick leave.


The Council was seeking monies for the materials and labour for the remedial works to be undertaken by the Council.


It was agreed that the matter be put on the agenda for the next meeting.





The Joint Committee considered and noted a report by the Treasurer (previously circulated) regarding the performance for April to June 2017/18





The meeting ended at 3.17 p.m.