Agenda item

To receive an update from The Planning and Economy Manager (actions from previous meetings)


The Planning & Economy Manager circulated a document detailing the Section 106 Capital Funds currently held by TDC and added that the tabled document was also accessible on the internet.


A period for questions and answers followed and it was noted that:


·         The football pitch associated with the Redrow development in Holsworthy was not a capital contribution and therefore was not listed on the table.


·         Members did not feel the motion agreed by Full Council, that all S106 information be shared with Ward Members before any decisions were made, was being honoured.  The Planning & Economy Manager confirmed that Members should be involved around the Heads of Terms relating to S106 agreements and apologised if Councillors had not been consulted but reassured them that the policy going forward was to involve them.


·         S106 Improvement plan – item for future meeting.  However, the process was sound.


·         It was preferable to seek a solution within a development rather than take a capital contribution.


·         Westward Ho! Park – It had been made clear at Full Council that all S106 monies had been allocated, yet the table presented showed a non-allocated figure of £11,513 in respect of land at Pebbleridge Road. The Planning & Economy Manager advised that at the time of that report the information was correct, however, things had moved on. He confirmed that in accordance with the S106 process the Ward Member would be made aware.  Furthermore, the Play Strategy was currently under review and perhaps funds could be reserved.


·         The Planning & Economy Manager will prepare a report for the next meeting about the distribution of S106 monies.


A paper on affordable housing was distributed which gave details of the 3 schemes within Torridge where affordable housing had been secured – Deer Park, Westward Ho!; The Munt, Appledore and Atlantic Park, Bideford.  The Strategic Enabling Officer was working with rural housing enablers to pursue opportunities where a Housing Needs Survey had identified a need.  Housing Needs Surveys had been undertaken in Woolsery and Hartland.  St Giles in the Wood had expressed an interest.  Pyworthy had declined at this stage and a response was awaited from Bridgerule.  A presentation had been received by the towns of Bideford and Northam and will also be delivered in Torrington in 2019.  At the Capital PID review, Members had agreed to support a capital funding bid to enable CLTs to develop sites with a loan from TDC.


The Planning & Economy Manager took questions, providing answers as follows:

·         The policy was to attract 30% affordable housing but negotiations would always try to achieve as much as possible.  The amount of affordable housing was still low and was reliant on the larger developments. However, now the Local Plan was in place TDC would be able to fall back on policy compliance but it was necessary to increase the number of affordable.


·         Historically, developers have managed to get around the planning conditions in relation to affordable housing.  However, TDC is now trying to develop better relationships with builders and trying to talk and negotiate with them at a much earlier stage, whilst making them aware of the policy.


·         CLTs are a good idea, but the difficulty is in identifying suitable sites.