Agenda item


Minute 7 – Bideford Harbour – Safety Management System


The Harbour Master to present a report under Agenda item 9. 


Minute 8 – Estuary Sampling/Dredging


No response had been received from Boscalis, but it had been reported that they do not wish to take the sand dredging project any further.   Crown Estate are seeking monies to take samples.


Minute 11 - Freshspring


The Planning and Economy Manager had received an email from Simon Tattersall, stating they are hopeful the Authority will look favourably on their application to move the vessel nearer to the town in April.   The Group were advised that arrangements would need to be made, which would include moving the vessels that are already there.  The “Seven Seas” would need to be moved and this would involve dredging.


Councillor Langmead felt an inspection, prior to moving the vessel would be required to ascertain whether it was in a suitable condition to be moved.


Following an earlier visit to the Freshspring, Councillors Whittaker and Hurley had said they would wish to revisit again at the end of March to ensure the vessel was in a good visual state.   The Planning and Economy Manager suggested an earlier visit due to the tides.


The Group agreed for the vessel to move, but only when the Authority are reassured that everything to be put in place is in place, including the condition of the vessel.


It was proposed by Councillor Brenton, seconded by Councillor Langmead and –




That, in principle, it be agreed that the Freshspring is moved in April subject to conditions. 


(Vote:  For – Unanimous)



Minute No. 12 – Viability of a Harbour Authority Boat and Marine Storage Park


Councillor Whittaker explained the PiD had missed the deadline, but due to the projected shortfall for this year the application would not have been successful.




Minute No. 19  -  Pilotage Arrangements


The Planning and Economy Manager confirmed an email had been sent to all Members giving a breakdown of pilotage arrangements, including costs, with ND Council.   He confirmed that the fees and charges for the coming year had now been set, but moving forward these to be reviewed in time for a report to be taken to Community & Resources Committee meeting in February.


Port Sanitary Authority – nothing to report, but the Planning and Economy Manager to liaise with Councillor Christie.


Minute No. 27  -  Arrangements with ND Council


The Planning and Economy Manager updated the Group.


A meeting with the houseboat people and ND Council re boundaries to be arranged.   No date had yet been received from ND Council, once date received to liaise with Councillor Whittaker and Members of this Group.


Councillor Langmead referred to the dates on the action list of when contacted and reminders sent, and asked that this matter is taken forward as a matter of urgency.  Councillor Whittaker advised this was not a matter ND Council would take action on.


The Planning and Economy Manager reiterated to the Group they had no powers as the houseboats are outside harbour limits.  A brief discussion followed on the jurisdiction of the Authority and the comments made by Councillor Christie at the previous meeting re an article in the London Gazette.  The Harbour Master had contacted Councillor Christie and a meeting had been arranged to take this matter forward.


Minute No. 31 – “Pacemaker”


Councillor Whittaker had spoken to the owner of this vessel - the Harbour Master confirmed no further issues had arisen.

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