Issue - decisions

11/06/2019 - Burial facilities for members of the community with an Islamic Faith



1.    That the current cemetery procedures be reviewed and updated to reflect the current needs of the community.


2.    That the procedures are re-drafted to reduce the potential for mourner participation and remove the option to utilise shrouds (all burials should be in caskets).


3.    That the burial of members of other faith groups to be accommodated and  the principle to allocate and segregate an area of the Higher Cemetery in Bideford for specific use by the Islamic community be approved.


4.    That such provision be limited to residents of the District and be extended to other faith groups as may be necessary in the future.


5.    That all graves be traditional lawn graves; mound graves will not be accommodated. Over-sized tributes and headstones will not be permitted.


6.    That the full detail of the specific requirements should be developed following consultation and more detailed discussions with the local leaders of the respective faith groups.


7.    That it does not restrict the rights of the Council from extending the cemetery in the future.