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To receive the Minutes from the meetings held on 4 and 5 November 2021.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 4 & 5 November were agreed and signed as a correct record.


A recorded vote was taken.






Cllr R Boughton




Cllr M Brown




Cllr P Christie




Cllr R Craigie




Cllr C Leather




Cllr R Lock




Cllr D McGeough




Cllr P Watson




Cllr R Wiseman





(Vote:  For – Unanimous)


Declaration of Interest

Members with interests to declare should refer to the Agenda item and describe the nature of their interest when the item is being considered.


Elected Members of Devon County Council and Town/Parish Councils who have considered a planning application by virtue of their membership of that Council hold a personal interest and are deemed to have considered the application separately and the expressed views of that Council do not bind the Members concerned who consider the application afresh.


The Chair reminded Members to declare their interests when the relevant item was up for discussion.  Declarations of interest were made as indicated below and in accordance with the previously agreed arrangements for “dual-hatted” Members.



Agreement of Agenda between Parts I and II


That the Agenda as circulated be agreed.



Urgent Matters

Information to be brought forward with the permission of the Chair.


There were no urgent matters.


Public Participation

The Chair to advise the Committee of any prior requests to speak made by members of the public and to advise of the details of the Council’s public participation scheme.


The Chair advised the Committee and members of the public of the details in respect of the Council’s public participation scheme.



Planning Applications

The information, recommendations and advice contained in the reports are correct as at the date of preparation which is more than ten days in advance of the Committee meeting.   Due to these time constraints any changes or necessary updates to the reports will be provided in writing or orally at the Committee meeting.




Application No. 1/0632/2021/OUTM pdf icon PDF 372 KB

Outline application for up to 22no. dwellings with all matters reserved except access - Land West of North Road, Bradworthy, Devon


The following Councillors had attended the virtual site visit listed below:


Councillors: M Brown, R Lock, P Christie, R Craigie, P Watson, C Leather and R Boughton



Application No. 1/0632/2021/OUTM- Outline application for up to 22no. dwellings with all matters reserved except access - Land West of North Road, Bradworthy, Devon


Interests:   Councillor Boughton declared a prejudicial interest – predetermination - did not take part in the debate and decision making


Officer Recommendation:  Grant subject to S106 Agreement


The planning application had been called into Plans Committee by Councillor Boughton if the Officer is minded to approve, for the following reasons:


‘The Parish council have asked me to call in application 1/0632/2021/OUTM for the following reasons.


·         It is outside of the development boundary and in open countryside so does not accord with ST07.

·         These dwellings are not needed as there are already a huge number yet to be developed.

·         Concern over access and lack of pavements and increased traffic.

·         Loss of trees and impact on wider landscape.

·         Serious concerns as to how the village infrastructure will cope with yet more housing, particularly the School and Doctors surgery”.


Prior to the presentation Members were informed of the following updates:


·         “Amendment to page 36 of the report - reference is made to an application reference 1/0162/2021/FUL (part of the allocated BRD02 site) being approved. The application which was submitted for part of the allocated site for the provision of 7 dwellings was actually withdrawn by the applicant prior to its determination.”


·         Additional Condition – securing the footpath across the frontage of the site and for the wording to be delegated to Officers and to be agreed with Chair and Vice Chair of Plans Committee.


The Principal Planning Officer presented the report and advised Members of the main planning considerations.


When debating the application, the following points/concerns were raised:


·         Demographic changes – to address the layout and type of “normal” estates and to consider single occupancy properties.  The Principal Planning Officer advised that this is only Outline at this stage and Officers are unaware of the exact make up of the development.  He referred Members to Condition 16 which relates to housing mix.


·         S106 Provisions – particular reference was made to the off site provision for play area.   The need for an allotment will form part of the open space scheme.


·         Affordable Housing – with “up to” 22 dwellings being proposed it is not possible to confirm the precise number of affordable dwellings.  The Affordable Housing Statement notes “possibility of 6 affordable dwellings” – Members were concerned that at the Outline stage, numbers cannot be fixed until the Reserved Matters application had been submitted giving precise numbers of the dwellings proposed. 


·         Viability – No viability scheme for the site.  It is a flat site and therefore no viability should be coming from the site which would reduce the % of affordable dwellings.  


·         Maintenance of the attenuation pond and the potential high cost to residents of such a small estate.


·         Figures of biodiversity  ...  view the full minutes text for item 79a


Appeal Decisions Summary pdf icon PDF 41 KB

Appeal Decision Summary and Reports of Planning Inspectorate




Appeal Decision – Application No. 1/0073/2021/OUT

Additional documents:


The Committee noted the Appeal Decisions.



Costs on Appeals

There are no Costs on Appeals


There were no Costs on Appeals.


Delegated Decisions - AGMB Applications pdf icon PDF 244 KB

AGMB Decisions 22.10.2021 – 18.11.2021


The Committee noted the Delegated Decisions.



Planning Decisions pdf icon PDF 90 KB

List of Delegated Planning Decisions, Consultee Abbreviations and Application Types enclosed 22 October 2021 to 18 November 2021.





That the Planning decisions for the period 22 October 2021 to 18 November 2021 be noted.