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Apologies for Absence


No apologies for absence were received.


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Confirmation of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th September 2020.


It was proposed by Councillor Hicks, seconded by Councillor James and –


Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting held on the 17th September 2020 be agreed and signed as a correct record.


A recorded vote was taken.






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Mr T Gibbs




Mr N Hardaker




Hicks, R




James, K




McGeough, D



Rossi, G





Vote: (Unanimous)





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The Harbour Master updated some of the action list as follows:


Minute Number 3 – Confirmed this action is now complete.


Minute Number 10 – Confirmed there had been no feedback from Bideford Harbour User Group therefore the action is ongoing.


Minute 17 – This action is ongoing and will be complete in 2021.


Minute 8 – Discussions have taken place at management level and there are still stakeholders who are interested. Action ongoing


Minute 37 – Meeting still needs to be arranged and will speak to the Head of Communities & Place




Minute 42 – The Chair confirmed that he had sent a letter recently - action is now complete


Public Contributions

Public contributionsin accordance with the current scheme.  (The deadline for registering to speak is by 2pm on Tuesday 8 December 2020.   To register please email




There were no public contributions


Agreement of Agenda Items Parts I and II

There are no Part II items


There were no Part II items.


Urgent Matters of Information Brought Forward with the Permission of the Chairman and the Committee


There were no urgent matters however the Chair invited the Vice President of the Bideford Chamber of Commerce, Mr John Puddy to read out his statement concerning visiting yachts.


Mr Puddy raised concern with the following:

·         New regulations make it hard for small boats with no holding tank to visit.

·         There is no pump out facility in the port and so any vessel with a holding tank or chemical toilet has no means of emptying this tank.

·         Vessels berthed for the long term have no means of pumping out making it very difficult for live aboard vessels.

·         Toilets are closed during the night and so facilities are limited.

·         Consideration should be given to the provision of a dedicated marine facility for small boats such as a toilet and shower. In the interim, boat owners both permanent and visiting should be provided with overnight access to disabled toilets. By the provision of a key. A deposit can be levied on arrival. The toilet and shower facility would be valuable resource for all harbour users.

·         The provision of visitor berths - potentially a pontoon with a hook up electricity facility, water and be an easy walk to toilet.

·         Visiting boats would be good for Tourism and income generation.

·         Investment is needed with regards to marketing, promoting and advertising the Harbour.


·         For the avoidance of doubt, the Harbourmaster has delegated responsibility to terminate Facility Agreements on behalf of the Council.


This rather unfortunate statement eliminates and disputes procedure or further discussion regarding the termination of berthing. There should be an appeal procedure to avoid potential conflict between parties and to protect the Harbour Master.


The Chair raised concern to how much it would cost to provide facilities, is it warranted as the Capital Programme is already over budget and suggested officers bring forward a report with costings.


Following a query form the Chair, the Harbour Master confirmed that the Moorings & Facilities Policy has already been approved. The policy is now in place and will be reviewed in a couple of years. The Harbour Master agreed with Mr Puddy that Bideford would make a nice area for visiting however the rise and fall of tides make it difficult and the little berthing that Bideford has is taken up by long term vessels. The Harbour Master advised that an officer within TDC is currently working on the website with improvements coming next year.





Harbour and Pilotage Activity Quarter 3 pdf icon PDF 122 KB

To receive the report of the Operational Services Manager

Additional documents:


The Harbour Master presented the report the purpose of which was to update Members of the Bideford Harbour Board Working Group about the activities of the Harbour Master and Pilotage movements within the Statutory harbour limits of Bideford Harbour Authority and the Taw Estuary at Yelland.


The Harbour Master responded to a query from Mr Gibbs advising that TDC have had dealings with Finland in the past but was unsure as to whether it would now be regular business.


Following a query form the Chair the Head of Communities & Place advised that 18 ships would need to visit for TDC to break even. Visits would not have to be solely to Bideford but would include Yelland and Appledore.


The report was noted.








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To receive a verbal update from the Operational Services Manager


The Operational Services Manager presented the Fees & Charges for the Harbour Board Committee before being taken to Community & Resources Committee for approval.  The charges for 2021/22 have increased slightly as financially advised and in line with the current marketplace.


New charges include:

·         Pleasure Boat Mooring Charges now being weekly and monthly not just yearly.

·         River Moorings as well as Private Moorings

·         A percentage charge on Fishing Vessel Landing Fees which is set at 2%.


A discussion then took place.


Following a query from the Chair the Operational Services Manager advised it is difficult to police fishing vessels landing fee and discussions would need to be had with the agent. Speaking with other authorities they work on trust and TDC need to build on this in Bideford.


The Harbour Master advised on Councillor Rossi’s concerns that fishing vessels do not currently land at Bideford and is mostly Appledore, the moorings fees have been set in line with the rest of the industry and TDC do have the right to lay moorings.


Councillor Rossi believed the Council laid moorings should be charged at a lesser amount than Private Moorings to encourage the use of the Council’s moorings as they would be monitored and maintained more adequately. 


Following a query from Councillor Christie the Harbour Master confirmed that TDC rents funders from the Crown of State and within this have the powers to lay moorings.


With regards to charging the Yacht Club the Harbour Master advised that meetings and discussions had taken place but have not been successful therefore advice from the Crown of State was being sought.


Following a query from Councillor Christie the Head of Communities & Place advised that launch fees are paid through the pay and display machine in the car park and enforced by Civil Enforcement Officers. Historically TDC employed a Slipway Warden however this was not cost effective and TDC were legally advised against charging and/or having a slipway warden as it was seen to be condoning the use of Jet Skis. Charges cannot not be varied as this would involve a change in the parking order however this will be changed in the new year after the change to Campervan parking at Churchfields, if not called in.


Councillor Rossi proposed that the Private Moorings be tripled in price to make the Council laid moorings more attractive however there was no seconder.


Suggestion was made for TDC to lay moorings however following a query from the Chair the Head of Legal & Governance (Monitoring officer) advised that the Authority would be liable for them and if TDC were to lay moorings the costing would need to be considered.


The Harbour Master confirmed that TDC currently do not have any moorings however a report could be brought back to the Committee detailing the cost. 


Following a query from Councillor Rossi the Head of Legal & Governance (Monitoring Officer) advised the Moorings & Facilities Policy has been put in place to address difficulties within the Harbour and to sort some structure. It is  ...  view the full minutes text for item 54.


Any Other Business


The Head of Communities & Place responded to a query from Councillor Rossi confirming that the slipway he was referring to is owned by Appledore Slipway.


Following a query form Councillor Christie, the Harbour Master confirmed that some vessels now by Riverbank House were brought over from Brunswick. They did have owners, but unfortunately have since disappeared and unable to trace. The process will be followed to get them removed but is time consuming.


The Chair asked that officers at Westcombe look at the internet connection as it was not satisfactory in the meeting.