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This page lists the meetings for External Overview & Scrutiny.


Information about External Overview & Scrutiny

The Council has appointed two Overview & Scrutiny Committees, an Internal Overview & Scrutiny Committee and an External Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


The Internal Overview & Scrutiny Committee has the power to review the policies of the Council and its objectives, and is entitled to ‘call in’ decisions made by the Community & Resources Committee which are not yet implemented. They can also recommend that the Community & Resources Committee reconsider such a decision. Issues that remain unresolved will be referred to the Full Council for determination.


From the 7 May 2021, the law requires all councils to hold formal meetings in person. The Council is also required to follow Government guidance and ensure that all venues used are Covid secure and that all appropriate measures are put in place.


Members of the public will be able to attend the meeting in person if they are registered to speak under public participation.


Any members of the public who want to view the meeting will be able to watch through the Councils YouTube Channel



Public Speaking


If you wish to speak at any of our Committees please register by 2pm two working days before the meeting. To register to speak either email or call 01237 428703.