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This page lists the meetings for Internal Overview & Scrutiny.

Information about Internal Overview & Scrutiny

The Council has appointed two Overview & Scrutiny Committees, an Internal Overview & Scrutiny Committee and an External Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


The Internal Overview & Scrutiny Committee has the power to review the policies of the Council and its objectives, and is entitled to ‘call in’ decisions made by the Community & Resources Committee which are not yet implemented. They can also recommend that the Community & Resources Committee reconsider such a decision. Issues that remain unresolved will be referred to the Full Council for determination.


Due to current on-going Covid-19 pandemic Torridge District Council’s meetings are currently being held remotely via Zoom.  To ensure full transparency with the democratic process the Council has set out the following:


Attending the meeting


The meeting will be shown live on the Council’s YouTube channel which you can access via the following link: -


Public Speaking


If you wish to speak at any of our Committees please register by 2pm two working days before the meeting. To register to speak either email or call 01237 428705.


The meeting will be held remotely using Zoom and once you have registered to speak you will receive an email from us with a link to the meeting for use with Zoom, alternatively the email will also include telephone numbers that you phone to join the meeting and there will also be a link for you to join the meeting via business skype.  At the appropriate time you will be temporarily admitted to the meeting whilst you address the Committee.  Once you have finished speaking, you will be removed as a participant of the meeting and can view and listen via YouTube (as above).


If you would prefer to provide a written submission this would be read out to the Committee for you at the appropriate time by an officer – we request that this is emailed to us and received by noon on the day before the meeting.


By participating in public speaking at the committee you agree to abide by the code of conduct which you will have received.


We recommend that you check that you can access via one of the above options prior to the meeting.


The Council cannot be responsible for any connection or IT issues that you may experience and unfortunately the Council will not be able to provide any support to you on the day of the meeting. 

The Council meetings cannot be delayed due to a technical or connection issue by one of the public speakers.