Agenda item

To receive the report of the Finance Manager and Section 151 Officer




That the recommendations in the report be taken to Full Council



The Finance Manager and Section 151 Officer presented the report the purpose being for Members to make the recommendations to Full Council regarding new PIDs, and closing any funding shortfall, to ensure the Capital Programme is fully funded going forwards.


A discussion then took place.


Following queries put forward by Councillor Christie the Chief Executive confirmed the following:

·         The Northam Burrows Estuary works was approved in previous years. This will be looked in detail and reported back to the committee. 

·         Torrington market refurbishment was a Notice of Motion brought forward by Councillor Bright.

·         The bowling club wall has been in the Capital Programme for several years.

·         TDC are working with the Environment Agency and other parties regarding the Linear Defence and details will be brought back for further discussion/debate. Figures shown today are early estimates.


Following a query from Councillor Bushby the Chief Executive confirmed that the Finance Manager & Section 151 Officer and his team are working with the Operational Services Manager and Councillor Leather on reviewing the 2017 report when the new Environment Centre was originally approved. The new Environment Centre is currently being worked on and a report will be brought to Members in the new year.


The Chief Executive confirmed after queries from Councillor Hames that predicted external grants are already included within the Capital Programme forecast and this would only change if additional external grants were applied for and awarded. The Carbon Plan is nearing completion and due to go to Internal Overview & Scrutiny. Until this is agreed it is unsure as to which projects could be included for Climate Change. The Capital Programme will be going to Full Council in February to be approved so there is time to add projects however Members need to be mindful that the programme is already over committed.


The Finance Manager and Section 151 Officer confirmed to Councillor Hames that there will be a budget for Climate Change.


Following a proposition from Councillor Bushby to remove the new Northam Burrows Centre from the Capital Programme the Head of Communities and Place advised that removing this project may not be cost effective due to the project being quite well advanced and funding already granted. TDC has already paid money upfront for the Centre. Costings to remove the project could not be reported at tonight’s meeting. 


Following a query form Councillor Brenton the Finance Manager and Section 151 Officer confirmed that TDC borrows money through the Public Works Loan Board which is the most efficient way for Councils to borrow and since the report was issued the rate has reduced. 


The Chief Executive confirmed to the Chair that recommendation 8a point 2 referred to the Notices of Motions on page 46 of the report which are yet to have a costing within the Capital Programme. The Chief Executive also responded to queries from Councillor Leather advising that the new Environment Centre is still being worked on. The Greenhouse at Riverbank is currently occupied by the Property & Procurement team and the building is now quite old and not economical, so it is being looked at to move this team into Riverbank House.  The estimated cost of the Linear Defence at Westward Ho! is £3 million with TDC having to fund half however further work and forward planning is required for this project.


It was proposed by Councillor Brenton, seconded by Councillor McGeough                    and -


Resolved:   That the recommendations in the report be taken to Full Council.


A recorded vote was taken.






Brenton, D



Bright, C




Bushby, D



Christie, P




Dart, A



Hicks, R




Hodson, C




Hurley, D



Hutchings, J

Hurley, D




James, K




Laws, N




Lock, R



McGeough, D



Wiseman, R






















(Vote:  For 11, Against 1)


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