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Reserved matters application for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for construction of 71 dwellings and 4 retail units to the north and south of Rolle Road pursuant to 1/0039/2016/OUTM (amended plans, FRA addendum and amended description) - Torridge Vale Ltd, Rolle Road, Torrington


The following Councillors had attended the virtual site visit listed below:


Councillors: C Leather, R Lock, M Brown, P Christie, R Boughton, R Craigie, D Hurley, R Wiseman and P Watson


Application No. 1/0528/2020/REMM– Reserved matters application for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for construction of 71 dwellings and 4 retail units – Torridge Vale Ltd, Rolle Road, Torrington, Devon, EX38 8AU


Interests: Councillor Brown declared a personal interest – dual hatted – Great Torrington Town Council


Officer Recommendation: Grant



The application hasbeen called-in byWardMemberCllrCottle-Hunkinforthefollowing reasons:


Iwould like to call in these applicationsto ensurethefollowingissuesareagreed if the planning application is tobe granted:


It hasto beabsolutelyclearanddefinitethat the old creamerysitewill bedemolished and cleared beforeanybuildingworkcan commenceon any of thelocationson oraround thesite.Anydeveloper must not beallowed to build on the'easy'partsof the application sitesuntil thisdemolitionand clearance hastaken place.


The derelict buildingsare aserioussafetyissue, with lives at risk(therehavealreadybeena number ofdeaths onthesite), and itisa huge burdenon ouremergencyservices. Thishasbeenexacerbated sincelockdown andthere have been28 incidents/call outsso farthisyear. The ownermust ensure optimumsafety of the site ASAP.There are currently anumberoflocationswhich haveno barriers, meaning there is nothingat all to stoptrespassersshould theywishto enter. As well as improvingthe physical barriers, the ownershould install CCTVwith police access which would thenact as a deterrent to antisocial behaviourand dangerousactivity.


I would also like anyapproval of the applicationsto providetheinclusionof a cycle route linkthrough from the Tarkatrail at the PuffingBilly throughtoMill St,as thisissomethingwhich is important to the economicregenerationof the town andcurrentlyhas fundingfromtheCountyCouncil.


Ontopof this, if at all viable,there should bean elementofaffordable housingwhich is much-needed

in GreatTorrington, andTorridge asa whole.’








It was proposed by Councillor Lock, seconded by Councillor Watson that the application be approved.


A recorded vote was taken.






Cllr R Boughton



Cllr M Brown




Cllr P Christie




Cllr R Craigie



Cllr Hurley



Cllr C Leather




Cllr R Lock




Cllr D McGeough



Cllr P Watson




Cllr R Wiseman





(Vote: For Unanimous)



That the application be Granted subject to an amendment to condition 2 to require consideration of site levels to enable disabled access to rear gardens.


Councillor Doug Smith of Great Torrington Town Council addressed the Committee in support of the application.

D Job addressed the Committee objecting to the application.

D Lethbridge, Architect, addressed the Committee in support of the application.

A statement was submitted by Councillor Cottle-Hunkin, Ward Member, which was read out by the Planning Manager.


Supporting documents: