Agenda item

To receive the report of the Finance Manager (S151 Officer).



Prior to the item being presented Councillor Hames asked whether the £153k surplus could be allocated to the training of specific tasks. The Chief Executive responded that the details were yet to be identified, however would be conducted in line with TDC’s wider strategic objectives.


The Service Improvement Officer advised he would circulate the new QBR format for Members to view before the next meeting, where discussion would take place.


The purpose of the report was for Members to receive the quarterly business report for the period ending 30th September 2021. Slide presentations were received from the Service Improvement Officer and the Finance Manager & 151 Officer.


The Service Improvement Officer introduced the QBR. He presented the Performance Highlights, summarising the positives and negatives on each of the following four Themes:


·         Theme 1 – Local Economy

·         Theme 2 – Communities, Health & Housing

·         Theme 3 – Our Environment, Our Future

·         Theme 4 – Our Council


The Finance Manager (S151 Officer) concluded the presentation by providing a detailed explanation on the following:


·         Income & Salaries

·         Budget Monitoring

·         Budget Narrative

·         Capital & Reserves

·         Earmarked Reserves

·         Investments


TDC had more money in the capital reserves due to the new Environment Centre not being delivered this year.


If the £793k Covid grant money was not spent, then it would be returned as it is not TDC’s money.

Following a query from the Chair, regarding the £430k in red on Budget Monitoring – Revenue, the Finance Manager (S151 Officer) advised he would provide in depth details of this to the Chair.


It was proposed by Councillor Newton, seconded by Councillor Inch and –




That Members recommend to C&R the usage of the projected 2021/22 surplus as follows:

·         £100k to Apprentice Reserve

·         £153k to Trainee and Graduate Succession Planning Reserve

·         £600k to Transition in Government Funding Reserve


(Vote: For – unanimous)


Questions regarding the QBR are asked for in writing prior to the meeting to allow Officers time to formulate a response.


The Chair presented the Q&A supplement during which the following additional comments/questions were raised:


Mr Ian Harper queried further the response to his first question and added a further query surrounding the Car Parking at the Burrows Centre. The Chief Executive confirmed the difficulty in separating this as an income due to the multi-use of the Burrows itself and that the Centre was leased therefore no income was received.


It was confirmed that Councillor Langford could take the answer to her question, on the Discover App, back to the Bideford Town Centre Partnership and that it would be confirmed to her who would need feedback on the App.


The Chief Executive advised that Dangerous Structures are the responsibility of TDC’s Building Control department, however it would also depend on who owns the building. Confirmation was given that there is a legal process to adhere to and that costs are being recovered on the property in Cooper Street.


Following a query regarding S215, the Chair confirmed he had a meeting arranged with the Planning Manger to discuss enforcement.


Mr Ian Harper queried the answer to his question relating to quality jobs and how this could be monitored? The Chief Executive advised Devon County Council’s Economy Team collect, collate and analysis a lot of data surrounding this area and they may have information we could extract. TDC’s Head of Communities & Place is part of the Devon Economy Recovery Group, therefore he maybe able to research this.


Confirmation was given by the Chief Executive that work was ongoing with a grant bid for a new Ice Machine at the Fishdock.


Councillor Langford enquired further to the response on her question regarding the play area at Clivedon Road, East of the Water, to which the Chair replied that clarification would be sought from Adrian Avery, the Community Project Officer.





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