Agenda item

To receive the report of the Finance Manager (S151 Officer)


It was explained that the report would cover financial pages only.


The Section 151 Officer provided a verbal update summarising the report, providing the salient points for members. The headline figures were explained for members and some context was provided regarding the scale of the issues being face by TDC.


Specific mention was made of the housing crisis the Council is facing and the impact of inflation.


It was confirmed that in the first 3 months of this financial year the Council had already spent more on temporary accommodation than in the whole of each of the previous 3 financial years.


The forecasted overspend was highlighted, along with the work taking place to address the needs of residents in the district. It was explained this was a statutory responsibility for the Council.   


An update was provided in relation to TDC staffing costs, a pay offer had been sent from the Employer to the Unions that day. Members were advised of the additional costs as a result of this offer.


Projected spends on utilities and fuel were highlighted for 2022 and 2023, and it was explained there was potential for an additional income from temporary deposits due to the interest rates rise.


Members were advised of the Transition in Government Funding Reserve and how this would be used to meet the 2022-23 deficit.


Following an update on recruitment and retention members reviewed the QBR question and answers.  Members were asked for any questions not already raised.


Whilst discussing the question about Council Tax collection rates the team were congratulated by members.


When discussing the question from Mr Harper regarding PV units it was asked what happened to the electricity produced over weekends when no staff were in the offices.  The Section 151 Officer confirmed this was sold back to the National Grid.


Members also queried the income generation possibilities from installing solar panels on more TDC buildings.  The Chief Executive explained this would need to be considered as part of the PIDs and Capital Programme, however the Capital Programme was already overspent so there would be implications to consider. 


In relation to Mr Harper’s question on the deficit Mr Harper explained he was happy with the answer, whilst recognising the difficult decisions that would need to be made in the future. The Chief Executive highlighted the work of the cross-party Member Budget working group and explained that a report with the member’s recommendations would be heard at Full Council on the 5th September. 


Following a query regarding the payment to RLNI, it was confirmed this was for lifeguards at Westward Ho! and was required for the Blue Flag status.


The questions from Steven Dengate were reviewed and there was discussion regarding questions on statutory and discretionary spend. 


Members asked for clarity regarding the reports going to Full Council on 5th September. It was confirmed there were two reports -  one from the Section 151 Officer on the financial position of the  Council, and a separate report from the Member Budget Working Group setting out their recommendations.


It was asked if decisions would be expected at that Full Council meeting and it was confirmed that this was the hope.


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