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Outline application for 1 no. dwelling with all matters reserved except for access - Land At Broadgate, Cookbury, Devon.


The following Councillors had attended the virtual site visit listed below:


Councillors:  C Leather, R Lock, M Brown, R Craigie and R Boughton.


The recording was forwarded to the following Councillors who did not attend the virtual site visit:


Councillors D McGeough, R Wiseman, P Christie and P Pennington



Application No. 1/0740/2022/OUT - Outline application for 1 no. dwelling with all matters reserved except for access - Land At Broadgate, Cookbury, Devon.




Officer Recommendation:  - Grant


The planning application had been called into Plans Committee by Ward Member Councillor Hepple for the following reasons:


·         Close proximity of sewage plant to boundary of neighbouring property

·         Inadequate road access

·         Contaminated land issues


Prior to the presentation Members were informed of the following update:


“One additional representation received from neighbouring property – issues raised were overlooking, additional noise from the future occupiers of the development, the potential for run off from the service water soakaway and the foul drainage and package treatment plant, over development of the site and the dwelling would not be an affordable home for local people.”


The Principal Planning Officer presented the report and advised Members of the main planning considerations.   He also reported that Cookbury is not ordinarily a location where open market residential would be supported by Officers, but as the Council cannot currently demonstrate a five year land supply there is a need to apply the tilted balance approach, and for Members to look at the impact of the development, and to give consideration as to what the adverse impacts are and whether they demonstrably outweigh the benefits.


The issues raised during the discussion included:


·         Foul and surface water drainage - foul drainage is a Planning matter in terms of the proposed dwelling will need to provide satisfactory arrangements for the treatment and management of foul drainage. The Environmental Protection Officer has considered the arrangements to be acceptable.  It does also cross over into Environmental legislation as there is an enforcement notice that relates to the existing drainage.

·         Condition of the road – it was acknowledged the road is not in a good state of repair, but as it serves 7/8 properties already it was considered that one additional dwelling would be acceptable.


·         Re-siting of overhead wire across the site – this is a matter for the applicant to resolve with the Company.


The Principal Planning Officer addressed all concerns raised.



It was proposed by Councillor Christie, seconded by Councillor Lock that the application be approved.


A recorded vote was taken.






Cllr R Boughton




Cllr M Brown




Cllr P Christie




Cllr R Craigie




Cllr C Leather




Cllr R Lock




Cllr D McGeough




Cllr P Pennington




Cllr P Watson




Cllr R Wiseman





(Vote: For - Unanimous)




That the application be application be Granted subject to the conditions as set out in the report.


The Planning Manager read to the Committee a statement from Mr A Waite objecting to the application

Mr F Scott addressed the Committee objecting to the application

Mr W Wonnacott, Agent, addressed the Committee in support of the application


Supporting documents: