Register of interests

I, Councillor Richard Wiseman a Member of Torridge District Council give notice that I have the following interests

1. Employment See note 1
Description of your employment activity Name of Employer or Body
Smytham Manor Little Torrington -
Spouse Employment - Marie Curie -
2. Sponsorship See note 2
Name of Person or Body making Payments
None declared
3. Securities See note 3
Name of Company
None declared
4. Contracts with the Council See note 4
Description of Contract
None declared
5. Landholding and Licenses See note 5
Address/Description of Property Nature of Interest in Property
Sunnyside Petrockstowe EX20 3HD -
Syncocks Barn Petrockstowe -
6. Land Leased from the Council See note 6
Address/Description of Land Nature of Interest in Land
None declared -
7. Membership of Other Bodies? See note 7
Name of Organisation Position
ROSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders Associate Member
(ii) None declared -
(iii) None declared -
(iv) None declared -